NaMaMo: Day 24

Image by Perry Gallagher.


Today’s prompt: Is there one type of clothing in particular that often appears in your masturbation fantasies? A certain kind of shoe? A lacy thong or boy-cut shorts? An oversized T-shirt? A pair of jeans over the perfect ass? Rings? Bracelets? Choker necklaces?

Come out of the closet with your closet confessions!


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NaMaMo: Day 23

I have a friend (no names mentioned unless she outs herself, ahem) who admits a deep and serious lust for this man. I can’t imagine why…


Today’s prompt: Do you ever fantasize about a famous person? If so, whom? And what is it about them? A particular character they play? The way they belt out a tune? The fit of their jeans? Their attitude? That post-sex smirk?

Getting famous people into your bed, one photo at a time!


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NaMaMo: Day 22

As we enter the final week of NaMaMo, I want to give a wave (don’t worry — I washed first) to all those who are lurking but not posting. I know who you are, so you might as well post. 😛 Or, you can send me your post and I’ll post it anonymously (or under my own name, rather, with your psuedonym or whatever as credit).

Today’s optional prompt comes from MT: Have you ever been “caught” masturbating? Or “caught” someone masturbating? Tell that story.

Putting locks on your doors — or at the very least, handmade signs that say “Do Not Disturb Under Penalty of Catching Me With My Hands Down My Pants!”


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NaMaMo: Day 21

Dali’s The Great Masturbator


And we’ve returned to dailies! Or, should I say, we’ve come back to dailies? Either way, you’ve mentioned that you missed the daily inspiration and I heard you loud and clear. So, come back and play away!

Today’s optional prompt: Skip the words. Draw something. Paint something. Make a photograph. Take a picture. Build a sex toy. Put your masturbation experience into something more than words. (If you don’t know how to post or host the image, just email it to me at shanna [dot] germain [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll gladly post it in the comments for you, anonymous or otherwise!).

Happy, happy day!


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NaMaMo: Week 3

Yes, you probably noticed that instead of saying Day So-and-So, I have Week 3 up top. This is for two reasons: One, I have an incredibly busy two weeks coming up. And, two, I have a lot of people who are participating, but either behind the scenes (due to concerns over privacy issues) or else in a non-daily way. So I thought I’d shift to a week-long stance, and invite you to put up anything masturbation-related this week.

As always: Come one, come all, come often!

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NaMaMo: Day 14

Room with a View. Prompt image courtesy of C!


We’re halfway through NaMaMo! Whew. Are you tired? I think I am! I feel like the Little Train that Could: I think I can, I think I can!

Today’s optional prompt: Room with a view. Is there one room in particular that’s your pleasure room? In your house or out of it? Or a room that has special meaning for you in terms of masturbation? Is it from the experiences you’ve had there (or are having there)? From the furniture? From the people who spend their time there? From the sexy, sultry view?

So many rooms, so little time…


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NaMaMo: Day 13

And, here, you always wondered why Mona Lisa had that secretive smile. Now we know…

Optional Prompt: Describe your masturbation (or post-masturbation) face. Never seen it? Tape yourself or look in a mirror. Or, feel free to watch your partner’s or lover’s face mid-process and describe that instead.

Making your O face is good for you! Even if it looks funny!


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