NaMaMo: Day 25

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Today’s prompt: Turn offs. What doesn’t do it for you? Besides the obvious, I mean. What things are -supposed- to be sexy or arousing that just make you say, “No thanks! Next!” Did you ever find them a turn-on in the past? Have your tastes changed, or have they always been a no-no for you?



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2 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 25

  1. ramey says:

    Turn offs? Well beside the obvious..and things that “used to be sexy”? I guess this would be under the “obvious” catagory, I hate to here about someone else they were or are involved with–with one exception–if we have been together awhile and in the proper settings of course–speaking of things (past) that trouble the other.

    Things that used to be sexy? MAYBE this is so with others? It can depend on who it is.
    I’m not saying I’m active with everyone in the south end of the county, in fact I’ve been qualified for the priesthood..I am not the type to go looking..but it depends. I can think of someone that I would have no turn-offs, regardless then maybe someone else I couldn’t do what I used to do when with them.
    Make since?

  2. Mat Twassel says:


    Fishnets, though in my earliest teens I saw a Playboy centerfold girl draped in an actual fishnet, and that was a huge turn-on.

    Tattoos and piercings. Are they supposed to be turn-ons?

    Really big breasts.

    Leopard skin.

    High heels in bed.

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