NaMaMo: Day 23

I have a friend (no names mentioned unless she outs herself, ahem) who admits a deep and serious lust for this man. I can’t imagine why…


Today’s prompt: Do you ever fantasize about a famous person? If so, whom? And what is it about them? A particular character they play? The way they belt out a tune? The fit of their jeans? Their attitude? That post-sex smirk?

Getting famous people into your bed, one photo at a time!



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2 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 23

  1. Mat Twassel says:

    Mat’s Top Ten Fantasy Characters

    10 Donna Douglas as Ellie Mae Clampett in “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Probably the modern day me wouldn’t find her appealing at all.
    9 Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie in “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Hard not to imagine her and hubby having sex…getting naughtier and naughtier. “Oh, Rob!”
    8 Kim Basinger in “9 ½ Weeks.” Probably Kim’s slide show masturbation is my favorite in mainstream movies, though I also like Natassja Kinski’s masturbation dance in “Exposed,” and I liked her even more in “Cat People.”
    7 Theresa Russel in “Black Widow.” The way she coaxes the sleazy detective to OD is unbelievably sexy.
    6 Nicole Kidman in “Malice.” I’ve always been turned on by the type of femme fatale played here by Nicole. In novels my favorite versions of this paradigm can be found in Scott Spencer’s Endless Love and Colin Harrison’s Break and Enter.
    5 Marilyn Monroe in “River of No Return” (Tommy Rettig played the boy. What sad a step down for him later to co-star for a while with Lassie. )
    4 Persephone in the painting by Thomas Heart Benton. My eyes wore out the illustration in my mother’s art book. In those days I overlooked the gnarled old farmer who feasts upon the young woman. Persephone’s body became my idea of perfect beauty.
    3 Julie L in “High School Hard-On aka Petrified Wood” – a 5’ 2” eyes of blue senior when I was a freshman, she dated the 6’ 4” 220 pound star athlete. I was only about 5’ 6” at the time, a much better fit for her, I was sure. By spring of my sophomore year I’d grown a good six inches, but I never got too big for her.
    2 Christy in “4th Grade Crush.” Back then I didn’t know a thing about sex, of course, but she turned me on the way only true puppy love can. Walking her home from school, I carried her books. We never kissed, but holding her hand was more than enough. Naturally I lost touch when our family moved. I looked her up on the Internet a couple of years ago. She’s active in showing a certain breed of dog. Once or twice I’ve debated sending her an email.
    1 Shanna Germain in “Private Diary.”

  2. Masturbfesto

    Freedom! Freedom to masturbate about whomever one wants. As a masturbator, the world is one’s oyster. (Or, depending how one is built, in one’s oyster.) There is no man or woman, living or dead, real or imagined, who is so famous or important or remote (or obscure or nearby) that you can’t masturbate about him or her, if you feel so inclined. Masturbation is the great leveler! Masturbation is the universal language! Masturbation makes a big world small (and a small world big).

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