NaMaMo: Week 3

Yes, you probably noticed that instead of saying Day So-and-So, I have Week 3 up top. This is for two reasons: One, I have an incredibly busy two weeks coming up. And, two, I have a lot of people who are participating, but either behind the scenes (due to concerns over privacy issues) or else in a non-daily way. So I thought I’d shift to a week-long stance, and invite you to put up anything masturbation-related this week.

As always: Come one, come all, come often!


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One Response to NaMaMo: Week 3

  1. I get one a day. Well, two–but I save one for the evening, for her. So, yes, the budget, physiologically speaking, provides for one per daytime shift: one in the cupboard when my day begins.

    The day punctuates itself around it, along with other household events. Coffees, snacks, exercise, shower … and this.

    Do I run with it when the urge first introduces itself, creeping up from my depths or jolting me into joie de vivre? Do I take myself to the edge but then hold back, eking the gratification out, letting the autoflirtatious minutes or hours intervene before I resume in earnest? Do I let the erotic story I’m writing take me and have me, a fully engaged reader-author, right there in mid draft?

    Every dawn harbors a decision. I get one a day.

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