NaMaMo: Day 13

And, here, you always wondered why Mona Lisa had that secretive smile. Now we know…

Optional Prompt: Describe your masturbation (or post-masturbation) face. Never seen it? Tape yourself or look in a mirror. Or, feel free to watch your partner’s or lover’s face mid-process and describe that instead.

Making your O face is good for you! Even if it looks funny!



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6 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 13

  1. Okay.when I can get a “muse” for the occasion..hell i’d vid it LOLOLOL

  2. Mat Twassel says:

    Nine Photographs of Ellie Masterson Masturbating

    1. It must be summer — the window is open and a breeze bows the lace curtains. A gray cat, softly backlit by what is probably morning light, is perched on the windowsill with his paws beneath his chin staring at the photographer, who is evidently in the doorway of the bedroom. Off to the right is the wide bed, and on the bed, under the sheet except for her head of wild dark hair and one bare arm, is Ellie, seemingly asleep.
    2. A clock sits on the bedside table. It is an old-fashioned windup clock, the kind that ticks and tocks. 6:33. It has a glass face, which reflects the bed and Ellie upon it. She has shifted a little since the previous photograph. Now we can see her back almost to the base of her spine. Also on the bedside table is a short strip of condom wrappers still sealed. There are only two wrappers in this strip. The perforations at the end of the nearest wrapper remind me of postage stamps before they became self-stick.
    3. From the wrinkled section of bed sheet and Ellie’s bare leg, I think we can conclude that the sheet is now between her legs.
    4. Ellie has rolled over. She’s on her belly now, and, yes, the bed sheet is trapped between her legs. The smooth white moons of her bare bottom complete the flare of slim hips, slimmer waist. Soft light caresses her spine. The sheet casts a faint shadow as if falls away from her ass. The angle is such that the photographer would have to be standing right over the end of the bed.
    5. Now the photographer must have knelt down, for the picture shows the full curve of Ellie’s ass, and above it, in the distance, the window, and the fluttering curtains, and the cat, stretching, out of focus.
    6. From the foot of the bed, the camera probes between Ellie’s bare legs. The cover sheet is nowhere to be seen. Ellie’s right hand covers her pubis. Her ring, no, not just her ring, but her whole hand, is out of focus. No, not out of focus. Blurred.
    7. Ellie’s lips. Open.
    8. Ellie’s eyes. Squeezed tight. Her nostrils flared. Her mouth open. She could be saying “Oh.” Or “no!” Or “go!”
    9. Ellie on her back, breasts bare, fingers in her mouth, finger and thumb on her nipple, cat on the windowsill, condom wrappers and clock on the table. 6:16.

  3. I think I look a little bit like Peter Sellers when I come.

    • Mat Twassel says:

      And Peter Sellers, when he comes, looks a little bit like Mahatma Gandhi.

      (Squeezing those degrees of separation.)

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