NaMaMo: Day 12


Inspired by yesterday’s comments — which were delightfully in the realm of song — it seemed like a good day to follow up on hidden masturbation ditties, songs, harmonies and more. Check out the 15 Best Masturbation Songs and 5 Masturbation Songs from the ’80s for a bit more in the realm of vocal, sly praise to self-love.

Today’s optional prompt: Make a song, choose some lyrics, sing a poem, find your favorite witty ditty and share it with readers. The catch: You can’t be blatant about the topic. Take Chuck Berry’s Ding-a-Ling for inspiration, and sing a song of O without letting us know! Wrap it in euphemism, wit, sly words or even pop culture references that say sex without actually saying “sex”.

Singing Hallelujah! (which really means having a big loud orgasm).



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2 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 12

  1. Mat Twassel says:

    Shaving Cream

    When he did it himself he basically just smeared the stuff on and scraped it off.

    She showed him how it could be.

    She worked it and worked it and worked it some more.

    (Do you like it like this? Do you like it like this? Here? Here? Here?)

    Everything thickened up and he never wanted it to end.

    (So big and strong you are, my Santa Claus Man.)

    She circled and stroked and stroked and circled.

    (I think I’m getting it now. Getting you now. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. There. There. There.)

    (So sweet and slippery, my Avalanche Boy—I could ski you now, ski you all the way down.)

    Like snowflakes on her tongue, he melted.

    (Such a darling little cutie, my bare as a baby baby boy.)

    She grinning and laughed and licked the last of the cream from her lips.

    (Kiss me now. Kiss me for doing such a good job.)

    He kissed her. He kissed her and kissed her. And then they did the other things people in love do.

  2. lyrics:

    It’s a single-burner meal:
    She’s a cook who has a feel
    For a satisfying supper with no toil.
    ‘Cause she has the gourmet touch–
    Knows her flame, and just how much
    Is required for an oyster cooked in oil.

    [We’ll be away from home for the next few days, so I may have to catch up on my masturbation–or at least my posting–when we return. : )]

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