NaMaMo: Day 7

Body parts. Shining eyes. Muscular calves. Round butts. Bulging biceps. A deep voice. The hollow of a pale throat. Long, lickable limbs. Long, lickable everything else…

Optional Prompt: What’s YOUR favorite body part? Your own, or someone else’s? What body party turns your head on a person when you first meet them, or keeps you enamored of your current lover the most?

Tell us all about your favorite part!


“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together” ~Anais Nin


P.S. — Cool image by this artist


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8 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 7

  1. Mat Twassel says:

    Amy and Blackie Go to Town

    Amy and I are new to texting. We only got our BlackBerry Curves late last year as early Christmas presents. Hers is red and mine is black. She named hers Amy and she named mine Blackie.

    BLACKIE: I loved the way you touched yourself this morning.

    AMY: Oh, Mat. I mean Blackie. You’re so naughty.

    BLACKIE: You’re the naughty one.

    AMY: I know. But you made me do it.

    BLACKIE: Because you never masturbate on your own?

    AMY: Never.

    BLACKIE: How come? Don’t you like it?

    AMY: It feels good while I’m doing it. But after, I feel empty. Hollow. Sad. Lonely.

    BLACKIE: Did you feel sad this morning?

    AMY: No. I felt wonderful. But that’s because you made me do it. It was like you were masturbating me.

    BLACKIE: I wish I could masturbate you now.

    AMY: Naughty boy. But that wouldn’t really be masturbating, would it?

    BLACKIE: If you don’t tell, I won’t tell.

    AMY: Ha ha. As if you could be trusted.

    BLACKIE: What if you touched yourself and pretended it was me?

    AMY: You mean right now?

    BLACKIE: Yeah, right now.

    AMY: But I’m on the train. People might see.

    BLACKIE: What if you just squeezed your legs together?

    AMY: I guess I could do that.

    BLACKIE: Please do.

    BLACKIE: Did you do it?

    AMY: A little.

    BLACKIE: How did it feel?

    AMY: I don’t know. Okay I guess. I felt self-conscious.

    BLACKIE: Try some more. While you’re doing it, think of me stroking my cock.

    AMY: Are you stroking your cock?

    BLACKIE: I am. I’m stroking my cock and thinking about your pussy.

    AMY: You’re bad. But it’s no fair. You’re home.

    BLACKIE: How do you know I’m home? How do you know I’m not in the restroom at the Blue Coyote Cafe?

    AMY: Are you?

    BLACKIE: Uh huh. I’m in the restroom talking to you and touching myself.

    AMY: I don’t believe you.

    BLACKIE: Want me to send you a picture?

    AMY: Yeah. Send me a picture.

    BLACKIE: If I do, will you touch yourself?

    AMY: I might.

    BLACKIE: You’d better.

    AMY: Send the picture.

    BLACKIE: Okay.

    BLACKIE: Did you get it?

    AMY: Yeah, I got it.

    BLACKIE: So now it’s your turn.

    AMY: I thought you were going to send me a picture of your cock. You just sent me a picture of the doorknob.

    BLACKIE: That proves I’m at the coffee shop.

    AMY: But it doesn’t prove you’re touching yourself.

    BLACKIE: Okay. Just a second.

    AMY: Mmmm. I love it. You have such a lovely cock. I can practically taste it.

    BLACKIE: Now it’s your turn.

    AMY: But I want to see the cum come out. I want to see you shoot.

    BLACKIE: You mean like a movie.

    AMY: Well, I’d rather see it in person, but a movie would work.

    BLACKIE: I’ll see what I can do.

    AMY: Oh, goodie.

    AMY: Are you there? Are you doing it?

    AMY: Oh, honey, that’s so cool! That’s so hot. Blurry but hot. Especially the sound of it. The juicy sound of you stroking your cock. Yummy!

    BLACKIE: So you liked it.

    AMY: I did! I loved it. But you didn’t come, did you?

    BLACKIE: There wasn’t enough time.

    AMY: But I told you, I want to see the cum come out.

    BLACKIE: I might be able to do that if you sent me a little movie of you touching yourself?

    AMY: No.

    BLACKIE: No? How come? You promised.

    AMY: The train is here. I have to go.

    BLACKIE: Don’t go. Stay in the train and make me the movie. Please.

    AMY: Can’t. But you really got me turned on. You made me wet. Maybe when I get home tonight we can make movies. Together.

    BLACKIE: What am I supposed to do until then?

    AMY: Think of me. Write me a poem. But no more touching yourself. Not until I get home. And don’t forget to take out the trash.

  2. Mick says:

    Haiku Day 7

    elongated neck
    translucent peach-like blanket
    longing for moisture

  3. She and her friends were already seated when we arrived. Over the next hour, her beautiful face became familiar. I learned about the wit in her eyes while she spoke; I nodded, unnecessarily I’m sure, to advertise my attentiveness to her intelligence.

    I didn’t see her bottom until she left. Individually round cheeks, shown but not shown off by casual jeans. Casual: the cool woman wore her beautiful ass casually.

    Her face her ass her face her ass her face her ass.

    My orgasm.

  4. Ruby says:

    My husband is a mammal. We are all mammals, we, the members of the human species, but my husband revels in his mammalian characteristics, covered as he is in wonderful soft, luxurious fur. Arms, legs, chest, thick and dark over his pubic bone, and when he lays on top of me, I love to stroke the hair on his ass, on his back. When I am with him, one touch of him sends me out of my head, and into my body. I am a creature, a physical, sexual being, and I am here on this earth to fuck.

  5. sophie says:

    Lips kissing me
    Lips on mine and mine
    The smile that traveled me
    Up and down
    and around
    the world

    to me–stay a while.

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