NaMaMo: Day 6

Toys, toys, toys. I don’t know about you, but all the toys I had in the ’70s now, upon reflection, seem like they were designed by someone with a very dirty mind. The Sit ‘n Spin? The Inch Worm Riding Toy? That bouncy-ball thing with the handles that you rode on (and which I can’t remember the name of)? Slip ‘n Slide? I mean… come on! Dirty, dirty, dirty!

So, how did this one get through the censors? I can’t believe not a single soul noticed that this toy just might happen to look like a giant penis!


Today’s Optional Prompt: What “toys” did you have (or do you have) that weren’t originally designed for sex or masturbation, but ended up being used that way? I can think of quite a few games, household objects and other items that weren’t designed (supposedly) to be arousing at all, but scream sex with every rotation, slide, push and spin…

Sit ‘n Spin, then Slip’n & Slide!


“Housework is like bad sex. Every time I do it I swear I will never do it again. Until the next time company comes.” ~Marilyn Sokol


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5 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 6

  1. Vida says:

    OMFG. That’s … all I can think of is Woody Allen in a sperm outfit! I supppossssse at a push it could be a cervix too … though then it would need to dilate moe to get all those children out. Ow.

    My first ever toy was a pink plastic deodorant bottle, a roll on one, with a tapered and flared base like a but plug has and a wide top with a sort of … furl moulded into it. There was no way you wouldn’t put it inside yourself, really.

    So that’s what claimed my virginity, long before a boy did 🙂

    Sadly I hadn’t found my clit yet, so it could have been a leetle more fun than it was. But ah well.

  2. Mat Twassel says:


    There’s a stillness to the city this evening. The buses and cabs and cars glide by like dreams. The sidewalks are almost empty: just Amy and me walking to dinner in a haze of well-being. We’re holding hands. We’re wearing our Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin masks. Amy is telling me which photo she liked the best. “The girl pissing in the elevator. That was so naughty.”

    “Did it turn you on?”

    “Oh my, did it ever.”

    I squeeze her hand. We step through the revolving door, Amy first but me right after, into the same tight wedge of space. I hold her shoulders, stopping her. “What if we were stuck here?” I say. She chuckles. Turns. Kisses me. The masks make the kiss a little strange. When the kiss stops, I start it up again.

    “But I did like the roses,” she says, when finally we revolve out into the lobby. “That was sweet of you. You’re my sweet guy. My hero man.”

    The lobby is so posh. Everything is chrome and glass and mirrors. Arm in arm Amy and I stroll to the elevator banks. “It’s on the top floor,” I tell her, pressing the button to summon an elevator. Waiting, we kiss again. The doors open. We step in. The car is not empty. Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney stare at us. Amy looks at me and frowns. Sarah Palin looks at me and frowns.

    “I’m sorry,” I tell Sarah and Dick, “but this is a private car. You’ll have to get out.”

    Cheney harrumphs. “Do you know who we are?”

    “Do you know who we are?” I echo. I touch my fingers to their throats. They sag swiftly to the floor.

    “How long will they be out?” Amy asks.

    “Long enough to fulfill your fantasy,” I tell her. “If we hurry.”

    “Oh, goodie,” she says. I can see her smile through her mask. Such a naughty smile.

  3. His whispered naughty words continued to swirl in her mind. His touch still warmed her breasts, her legs, her essence. She remained naked on the bed, her legs splayed wide. Need for more filled her. Her fingers glide between her sex lips, stroking, probing, sliding deep, deeper, deepest. All the while gathering nectar, striving for climax. With a flip of the switch, the toy hums and she comes.

  4. Plush hand puppets kiss
    Nipple-berries in my stead
    I’m busy below

  5. sophie and Ruby says:

    I will wash the sweat for our walk, from our afternoon sex, take you into our room lay you down on the bed oil every limb your arms and legs your belly your breasts.
    He will watch us.

    I will have him come to the side of the bed and suck his cock while you watch. He will get bigger and bigger.
    You will listen to him.

    I will roll you over on to me between my legs and spread your ass cheeks and present your beautiful cunt to him. And when he begins to penetrate you I will kiss you with a long hard kiss and take in your breath your cries your screams.

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