NaMaMo: Day 5

Through a glass sexily?

It’s day five of NaMaMo. If you’re playing along, you’re probably feeling good and sexy right about now. If you haven’t started yet, now’s the time! The poems, essays, stories and other media are rocking National Masturbation Month, big time!

Today’s optional prompt: Girls with glasses? Boys with glasses? Do glasses figure into your fantasies? How about into your sexy reality? Does someone wearing glasses turn your head? Do you wear your glasses to bed (or to whatever other place in the house you choose to fuck?). Or do you take them off so they don’t get in the way?

I’ve always had a thing for eye doctors, personally. The way they say things like, “Okay, put your face right there. Now, what do you see?”

Keep blindness at bay, one stroke at a time!


“Don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses” ~Aaron Hill


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10 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 5

  1. Mat Twassel says:

    Spring Rain

    It’s raining. I get out of bed to close the windows. “What time is it?” Amy asks when I get back.

    “5:17,” I reply.

    “Mmmm,” she say, half sigh, half groan. “Scratch my back for a moment.”

    “I will,” I say, “but first I want you to touch yourself.”

    Amy is still. As a good Catholic girl she never masturbated. She says she rarely does it now. The subject embarrasses her a little.


    She does that half sigh, half groan again, but rustles from her side to her back. I can hear the deep breath she takes. The rain patters steadily against the windowpane. I can hear the steamy hiss of it on the lawn. Then there’s a flash of lightning, the swelling roll of distant thunder. I have to listen very hard to hear the shy rustle of Amy’s fingers as she works them in figure eights around her clitoris.

    I’m touching myself, too. Slow, steady stroke-squeezes. It feels good, but I’m concentrating on Amy. When the lightning flashes I can see her face, her eyes squeezed tight. She makes little mewling noises. Mmm’s and oh’s. Some of them sound like questions.

    “Good girl,” I say to her. “You’re doing it. You’re doing it so good.”

    I get a sharper sound out of her. Half gasp, half grunt.

    “Yes,” I say, “That’s it. Make yourself come. Make yourself come for me.”

    Her oh’s lengthen. The flickering illumination reveals the rapidity of her wrist under the covers.

    “So good,” I repeat. “Do it. Come now. Come for me. Come, my lovely cunt girl, come.”

    She’s panting now. It’s only going to be another minute. I’d like to touch her now, and kiss her, and finish her myself, but that wouldn’t be right. Whispered words are all that I permit myself. Yesses and ohs and comesM/i>. Hers and mine. They go on and on.

    And then she comes.

    I can’t tell you how lovely it is.

    Then she is quiet. Everything is out of her. We lie quietly. There is only the sound of the rain pattering the windowpane. The steady hiss of it in the grass. And the distant roll of thunder. After a bit I take her hand and kiss her fingers, breathe the lovely cunt scent. “I love you so much,” I say.

    “What time is it?” she asks.

    “6:05,” I say.

    “Oh, goodness. I better get going.” She’s already out of the bed. “Will you start the coffee?” She already in the bathroom, the shower running.

    I manage to get out of bed. I turn on the light to look for my slippers. Where she was lying is a little wet spot, about the size of a single raindrop. The best raindrop in the whole wide world.

  2. He’d never before noticed how the reflected light from the overhead fixture danced in her glasses when she masturbated. Now, as she rolled her weight from shoulder to shoulder, he watched the light roll with her. Follow the bouncing ball.

    When she stiffened in rapture, the luminous orbs, too, froze in place–cartoon eyes of excitement painted over her pleasure-closed lids of flesh.

  3. sophie says:

    A poem by Jason Mashak from his new book ‘Salty as a Lip’


    I know the love that walks
    between glances, before the ascension
    of stairs, alone.

    That later works a spell
    as falling rain binding
    heaven and soil

    And as quickly as the rain stops
    or the eyes look away,
    it passes

    Returning in torrents
    from my lover’s smile,
    her foreign eyes

    When she removes layers
    of clothing, glasses and prances
    more naked than ever before.

  4. Greedy Pleasures.
    Skinny baristas who sport slinky thinness while still having some rocker muscles that look like they could take me for a tumble. Enough stubble to look bed-sexy and chunky “nerdy” glasses. Yum. I love watching them work the steam spigot in and out of the milk as they churn my latte into a happy froth. Something about the combo of the geek glasses and the desire to do a good job for me. Mmmm. One of the few places I can actually say, “Make mine extra hot.” And they will. Just for me. ; )

  5. sophie says:

    I’m in a rush, I look at the picture of you reading your work.

    Your eyes are lowered
    I like to kiss the years- around your eyes–the ones you tell me about, the ones that make me cry but mostly laugh, because you talk about Jesus and fried ocra
    and I know of other things.

    Your hands are holding the pages you wrote
    Those hands can go anywhere they wish between my legs, between my years, on my heart. Those hands make me cry
    but mostly laugh because I can let go when you
    hold me

    Your mouth is open, taking a breath at the line break.
    I watch for your breath when you read when you watch me smiling
    knowing you make me cry, but mostly laugh because you whispered
    what you
    will do
    to me
    seconds after you have taken
    my glasses off.

  6. subliminal message says:

    The mind is a powerful thing to waste.

    Dating women who recently divorced themselves from long marriages presents many interesting opportunities. Chances are, they’ve been fairly set in their ways, which makes new experiences significantly more exciting.

    Jessica had been with her husband for 22 years, and claims that the love had gone by the wayside long ago. Great sex wasn’t something she remembered, except with her trusty friend in her nightstand drawer. When we first started dating, she was amazed that I could get her off orally and manually with absolutely no penetration. I wasn’t. I’d accomplished this (or rather, bestowed this wonderful experience on others and myself, as a more than excited participant and witness) quite a few times before. The bonus was that her orgasms were even more intense than she’d ever had–in her life. What man wouldn’t want to know he could partake in that? One night as we were about to hang up the phone, I wished her well in bed by herself that evening and made a suggestion. She proclaimed that my suggestion wouldn’t work, because there was no way she could masturbate and cum without her toy. Simple manual and brain stimulation wouldn’t cut it for her.

    With that in mind, I closed my eyes, and brought myself into a zone where I could feel myself with her, as we had been just the night before… my hips undulated a bit, and my hand began to make motions, almost as though an outside spirit was driving my actions.

    I picked up my phone and merely wrote down what I was thinking about as I floated into a state of sexual bliss. I texted three or four lines. Very simple instructions, that’s all. How her legs should be. What she should think about, and two very specific things she should do–with pacing–with her fingers and hand.

    With excited confidence, knowing that every word and thought came from my soul and heart, my last line was, “text me back when you’re done.”

    LESS than five minutes later, I got back a text. “OMG! How do you know me so well???? That was INCREDIBLE. FREAK ME OUT WHY DONT YOU!!”

    As they say, better to teach someone how to fish….

    Powerful stuff.

  7. Mick says:

    Day 5 Haiku

    Brain and bust – pumpkin lust
    Beneath orange top and Tina frames,
    Passions embers glow

  8. Ruby says:

    I’ve got a thing for nerds, though my husband tells me he’s a mac guy and therefore a geek. My lover in college wore glasses, as does my girlfriend now, and I like it when she takes her glasses off, and slips back into my arms, her eyes are wide, seeking light, and unsure of what I’m going to do next.

    I remember being one of those girls, before Lasik.

    • Even though I may be mistaken-even though the dark small square-ish (is that a word?) would be an unfair steriotype..there is a girl that works in a convience store not far from where I live. With that I see here often, and have for some time.

      Over time we, or I should say she has figured out I’m not an axe murderer and when she is not running over with customers, she usually goes on with me alittle. When she was held up at gunpoint last summer, she had me behind the counter reading the newspaper article hanging on the board. In other words, she knows I live down the side road at the intersection next to the store, knows I’m a pretty nice guy, willing to listen,etc.

      With her glasses, her long blonde hair and seemingly strong spirit-I can’t figure if she’s the nerd type or not..NOT that it matters to me. In senior biology a nerd “Jeff” sat beside me at the table. He was be classified a nerd, when disecting worms or frogs I would flip guts on him, or shout his last name extendind it out on the two vowels. I did this whenever I saw him at school BUT he asked if I would mind picking him up and driving him to the location where our senior graduation was taking place. No prob man. So my girlfriend and I swung by and the three of us headed out. He parents took him home-Cindy and I went south west a few miles.

      How could he be certain I would show up and leave him stranded? I’m the guy that messed with him with innerds and announcing him louding all over.
      I’ve always been puzzled about that.

      Back to my is-she nerd at the I said I’m not hung on steriotypes or prejudgments of others.
      Tuesday early afternoon I came roaring into the lot at the store where she was standing outside catching a quick smoke break. I pulled right up in front of her and said “Come on! Let’s go”..motioning my head towards the back of the Harley. She said “Okay! I’m ready. Where are we going?”

      I told her a couple of ideas I had for a ride today. I was paying for a liter bottle of water and some smokes when I asked her if she ever heard of Fentress County. She hadn’t. I told her what I go there for and it was a gorgous ride through the Cumberland mountain area. I forget verbatim what I said and exactly what she said–perhaps I wasn’t paying any mind or I could have been surprised at her responce. Anyhow, she said she would like to ride out there with me. (I’m waiting for the downplay the next time I stop in and she’s there).
      I know here name from her tag, she doesn’t know mine. Do I go in with my personal info pre-written???? I’ve been out of the scene since Oct. of last year and it had (is?) a crushing affect on me.

      OOpps..This aint my blog. Sorry for the book. Delete if u like. (and this wasn’t what I set out to post but when I saw someone mention the nerd glasses…..well…
      I’ll shut up.

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