NaMaMo: Day 2

It’s Day 2! Are you taking some time for yourself, for your lover, for your body? I just get the bad news yesterday that a fall I took this past weekend resulted in a broken ankle. Blood flow is good for broken bones. So are endorphins. All the more reason to make sure we’re getting our daily dosage of Vitamin O.

Today’s Optional Masturbation Prompt: Is there a drawing or image that has always turned you on? What is it about the still visual (as opposed to video) that either does or doesn’t work for you as an arousal tool?

Post your creative masturbation responses in the comments below. And be sure to check out what other participants are doing!

Spread legs, spread joy, spread NaMaMo!


PS – Today’s image courtesy of Naked Chicks on Post-in Notes!


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8 Responses to NaMaMo: Day 2

  1. erobintica says:

    will be back with link later, no time to find it now.

  2. Yikes, sorry about the broken ankle. Yay for endorphins! If you want some Feldenkrais neuro-healing tricks, drop me a line. What has always appealed to me about still images is that I get to imagine the scenario, the before and after, the “what next?” There is something potent about having the chance to trace the lines of an evocative picture with my eyes/mind.

  3. Cheryl S. says:

    Yum. I enjoy pictures and images that capture someone mid-pleasure, mid-orgasm, when they’re not paying attention to anything except their desires.

  4. Isabel Kerr says:

    one of many by this photographer and painter.


  5. Gina Marie says:

    Masturbating each other by iPhone 😉

    “Still Sexting After All These Years”

    Want you
    want YOU
    Wanna fuck?
    gonna fuck you silly
    fuck me serious!
    funny grrrrl!
    sexy man
    I love you
    I love YOU!
    gonna suck you dry
    oh yeah?
    right now
    I can see you
    you like?
    nice ass
    you’re hot
    you’re hotter
    you turn me on
    you turn ME on!
    now put that goddamn phone away,
    flush the toilet
    and come back to bed,

  6. sophie says:

    Fantasy in three movement

    (the first)
    I’m am dripping water and desire on their wooden floor. Up the stairs into his office where he is already working. Blue light, and sun light dancing on his face.
    I walk quietly towards him, encircle him with my arms and kiss his neck, caress his face, rough and bearded. I remember him asking how it felt to have––a man––him––with a beard––-between my legs.
    I was moaning at the time and asking for more.

  7. Ruby says:

    The most erotic drawing I’ve ever seen is from the Edo period by Japanese artist Hokusai Katsushika. I saw it as part of an exhibit of Picasso’s later erotic works held at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona last December.

    In the Japanese print, a woman is being sexually devoured by two octopuses. She is on her back, eyes closed, and she is supported by several long tentacles around her arms. The smaller of the two octopuses sucks her mouth and fondles her breasts. Her parted legs cradle the head of the large octopus, and its mouth is sucking her pussy, while two tentacles titillate her clit. Her ample pubic hair is neatly groomed exposing luscious lips. The woman appears lost in the throes of passion, head back, open, utterly compliant.

    I don’t know what excites me so much about this print, but I am, and I want to be the woman and the octopus. I love all the arms and mouths. Maybe that’s why I enjoy so much being part of a menage a trois.

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