NoMaMo: Day 1

Welcome to NaMaMo, Day 1! Yes, we’re a little behind (well, some of us are big behinds), but not to worry. It’s never too late to start giving ourselves a hand.

If you don’t know what this is all about yet, check out the inspiration behind this event here and the “rules” (well, really just loose guidelines) here.

Optional prompt: Dig an old, forgotten toy out of your toy box, dresser drawer or partner’s butt and greet it like an old friend. If you don’t have any toys, browse an online toy store for something you want and imagine you own it. Write, draw, take photos, or otherwise explore the experience. Share it with the rest of us in the comments below!

It’s that simple!


“I was an altar boy, a spokesperson for the Virgin Mary, I was a choir boy but then at the age of 14 I discovered masturbation and all that went out the window.” ~Guillermo del Toro


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5 Responses to NoMaMo: Day 1

  1. Kipper says:

    A Hauki

    Three hands finger quick
    This stream of wet desire
    Spring comes in a rush

  2. Cheryl S. says:

    Today’s was like this:

    showered in stream and stream left on hot turned on cold made to wait and wonder and want work calls fast dress run in my stockings all that’s left

  3. sophie says:

    Always a rush when I see her. Mouths open tongues playing wanting more.
    I will see her in a few hours, cannot wait. Two fingers in my cunt finding desire. Small circle around a hooded clit. She will rush me against the wall in a hurry the first time. Hand under shirt clothing pushed aside, fingers finding nipple pinching hard. She will unbutton my pants, hold me so she can watch me when she pushes her fingers inside. She likes to look. I see her face, I see mine wanting. I know she will not be long to kneel and I will say yes, there, and there and Jesus Christ as if it was a miracle I never had felt before.

  4. I like Kipper’s haiku, so I’ve written one as well:

    bored on a work day –
    store is quiet, no patrons
    hand slips down, break time

  5. Ruby says:

    Recently my husband showed me a video from some website called something like sex with girls with specs dot com. A young woman was videotaped using a vibrator I’d never seen before. I’m 56, and although I’ve masturbated from the age of 10, I’ve always used my hand. I didn’t buy toys until a happily married lady in my mid-thirties, and all toys were bought to be used with others – my husband, my girlfriend, separately or together.

    So when I saw what this young woman was using, and claimed utter ignorance, my husband told me it was the hitachi magic wand, the grandmother of all vibrators, around since the 70’s. Hey, I hung out at the SUNY Binghamton Women’s Center, I sat spread legged in sacred circles passing a mirror to look at my cunt, I own a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves, so how did I miss this? Because in the video, the young woman pressed the heavily vibrating head against her pubic bone, and underneath her pussy lips swelled and swelled until they parted her thick bush, and the lips were broken dams, and within seconds the pussy flooded, beautiful cunt juice flowing down over her thighs and the soft curve of her ass.

    Now I’ve got one of those internal kind of clits. I’m like an iceberg, and most of my magic lies deep below the surface. That’s why I get off easiest with penetration; I’m wired for that kind of fucking. But when I saw the flooding, heard the cries and whimpers, I had to try it. So a few weeks ago on a trip to San Francisco, I made a visit to Good Vibrations, bought my first hitachi, and discovered what millions of my sisters already know. This toy makes coming almost too easy. Legs spread on the bed, wand in hand pressing against my pubic bone, and instantly I’m moaning, screaming, coming.

    I get all the partner sex I want or need, but on those rare occasions when I’m alone, I will turn to my new friend who desires nothing more than to make me happy. Lovely wand, where have you been all my life?

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